Uplifting Team Spirit, from Depleting to Renewal

Uplifting Team Spirit, from Depleting to Renewal

All humans need energy to function in life. Greater energy means you have more to draw from when you need it. Every day we wake up with a certain amount of energy to spend.

We are systems that expend and renew energy. To remain healthy and resilient, we have to manage how we spend our energy.

Horses as prey animals know a lot on how to manage the energy and how to create the reservoir for when it´s needed.

They are always managing their energy in such an extraordinary way both on an individual and herd level. One of the most important things for their survival is to have always a great reservoir of energy that assures their success during chaotic times or when true danger is lurking.

We as humans have a lot to learn when making good use of our energy in our daily lives. When it comes to talking about energy in corps, it seems like not everyone is willing to talk or even listen to it, being that without energy our performance decreases and if this low energy persists, huge issues start to pup-up with teams.

Some emotions, attitudes, and feelings such as impatience, anxiety, frustration, and sadness drain and reduce energy and affect your ability to think clearly and communicate effectively.

On the other hand, some emotions, attitudes, and feelings such as courage, happiness, compassion, appreciation renew our energy and boost our peak performance and enhance social connections.

When teams work with horses in nature, there’s an uplift in the team spirit and continual energy renewal in all sessions like Leadership, Team Training, Change Management, and others.

The way feelings and emotions in all members shift during the process, even if it’s an unconscious shift, moves the entire team from a depleting mode to a renewal mode, and of course that the carry-over effect of this energy will last for many days, months, or even years. They experience the ability of the horses to recharge team energy more quickly and without being aware of it.

Clients often report to us at the end of the workshops that they feel less muscle tension, much more peaceful, relaxed, and joyful. So there’s something not visible but definitely felt.

So, if you get the chance to work in leadership development for your company, wouldn’t it be interesting to consider the side effect of uplifting team spirit?

At the end of the day, Isn´t a smart choice to sustain energy reservoirs in all members to face chaos or a potential crisis and move on if it´s needed by working at performance?

Think about it this way, while you are investing in training you´ll get training, plus a free energy recharge for the entire group!


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